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  • By Kiran Kumar
  • •  Jul 01, 2020

White Musli is commonly known as Safed Musli. It is a white-colored widely grown herb popular in many popular Ayurvedic medicines. It is called ‘Divya aushad” or White gold’ and is used prominently to enhance sexual performance and overall health in women and men. Safed Musli helps manage erectile dysfunction plus stress-induced sexual issues. The herb is also useful in improving the quantity and quality of sperm thanks to its antioxidant, anti-stress and spermatogenic properties. Lukewarm milk plus Safed Musli powder twice a day makes for a great drink. 

The following are a few important FAQs regarding Safed Musli: 

What are the benefits of Safed Musli for erectile dysfunction? 

The modern scientific view regarding Safed Musli is that it contains spermatogenic properties helping in enhancing sperm count and quality. It can also improve testosterone levels that enhance blood circulation to genitals for longer erections. Hence it could effective in male infertility and various sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. 

The ayurvedic view says Safed Musli acts as an aphrodisiac and could improve impotence risk and sexual disorders. Safed Musli helps improve quality and quantity of sperm thanks to Guru and Sita virya properties. 

Tip for consuming: take 1/2 teaspoon of Safed Musli in the form of a powder with 1 teaspoon honey or 1 glass of milk. Repeat this twice a day and continue for at least 1-2 months for enhanced results. 

What are the benefits of Safed Musli for Muscle building? 

Studies show saponins present in Safed Musli contain anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory behavior. It inhibits inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and histamine which are responsible for inflammation and pain in arthritic patients. 

What are the benefits of Safed Musli for Cancer? 

Safed Musli has compounds like steroidal glycoside that have anticancer properties. It could also help in cell apoptosis reducing the tumor weight and size when used in the initial stages of cancer development. 

What are the benefits of Safed Musli for Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)? 

Safed Musli could also help manage diabetes through lowering of blood glucose levels. It contains antioxidant properties that prevent damage to the pancreas. This helps improve insulin levels. Safed Musli contains Rasayana properties helping control high blood sugar levels. 

What are the benefits for arthritis? 

Due to the Saponins in Safed Musli containing anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory activities, Safed Musli is great for arthritis. It works by inhibiting inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and histamine which are responsible for inflammation and pain in arthritic patients. 

What are the benefits towards low sperm count? 

Safed Musli behaves like Vajikarana or aphrodisiac as well as Rasayana (rejuvenating agent) helping improve sperm count. Thanks to the spermatogenic properties Safed Musli is able to act as an aphrodisiac. Safed Musli improves sperm count and could reduce risk of oligospermia (low sperm count). Consumption tip: add 1/2 teaspoon of Safed Musli in powder form to 1 glass of milk post meal 1-2 times a day. Continue this way for 1-2 months for better results. 

Can Safed Musli increase breast milk production? 

While sufficient evidence is not available, Safed Musli has been known to improve flow of milk and quantity in breastfeeding mothers. 

Can Safed Musli improve sexual performance?

Thanks to spermatogenic properties Safed Musli can help improve sperm quality and count. It also improves testosterone levels that enhance blood circulation to your genitals for longer erections. It is very useful in male infertility and disorders such as erectile dysfunction. 

For healthy living and a better life Safed Musli plays a big role in how you can conduct your life. Please check with your doctor before consuming Safed Musli. Best of health to you!

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