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  • By Kiran Kumar
  • •  May 26, 2020

Do take a second and breathe in deeply. Did you breathe through your nose? Did your chest or belly move while you exhaled? Were you able to hear the sound of your breathing? 

Your respiratory system consists of lungs, capillaries, mouth, throat, nose, and bronchial tubes. High chances are you were unable to notice your body going through the process of inhaling and exhaling. This is even with your life nearly depends on it.

RESPIRATORY-SYSTEM-1200x931Over 25,000 breaths are taken by your body to transfer life-giving oxygen to each cell in your body, including your brain and heart. In order for them to perform at their best, your respiratory system must be supple, free of blockage, and flexible. 

During the spring and autumn months you will find your respiratory immunity dropping lower. This happens because your digestive strength fluctuates with changing weather and causes more waste from incomplete digestion. 

Ama is known to clog fine capillaries of your lungs with mucus. The key to burning ama away in Ayurvedic terms is the strengthening of the digestive system. Engage in regular routines which reduce ama. This improves your immunity. 

Here are five ways your health can be improved. Naturally, if you have an existing respiratory problem contact your doctor:

1. Consume the right foods

In order to strengthen your immunity, consume warmer and nourishing foods like soups. Choose grains like millet or quinoa and mildly-spiced vegetables. Take in oils and desserts in moderation. Eat a light diet for a few weeks during the change of seasons. This helps reduce ama and balance mucus formed in the respiratory system. Ayurveda teaches food is medicine and upon being consumed in the right manner, traditional medicine is not needed in the long term. Cook food with immune-enhancing spices such as turmeric, ginger, fennel, coriander, and cumin. 

2. Drink enough fluids

Begin your day by drinking some warm water with half a lemon juice. The simple solution kickstarts digestion and cleanses the body of impurities. Drink plain hot water through the day to dissolve and You can consume 10ml of Kasa Sudha Kalpa which helps to soften your cough while sleeping. 

3. Prevent stress from weakening your immunity 

Do you ever notice each time you feel stressed, your immunity is weakened? In order to keep stress levels low during tough times, schedule yoga, and meditation daily. You could also practice breathing exercises from the diaphragm to reduce stress levels. 

Each time we stress our diaphragm muscles become weak and our breathing starts from our chest. This is unhealthy. This has a negative effect on blood pressure, heart rate, and the digestive system thanks to the chest not relaxing and expanding as normal. 

Multiple studies show types of Ayurvedic breathing exercises known as pranayama help cleanse airways. They also improve respiratory muscle strength and lung capacity in asthmatic patients. Pranayama balances you well in body and mind. 

Consume 1 tablespoon (15g) twice a day after food and half an adult dosage to your children mixed with warm honey or water/milk. 

4. Steam inhalation daily 

Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Massage it daily with warm oil to loosen impurities in the layers. Simple Ayurvedic daily massages can be found here. Warm sesame oil helps improve sleep and reduce stress.

Follow the massage with a shower or a warm bath to grow circulation, flush out toxins, and warm the body. Use Clear Breathe post-massage in a steam inhalation. Cover your head using a towel and inhale the steam of 10 minutes. 

Inhale the steam by adding 2 drops of Herb Tantra no congest essential oil into hot water twice a day to keep up the fight and keep your body healthy.

5. Engage in aerobic exercises breathing through the nose

Do daily exercises like walking briskly for 30 minutes to help out the heart and lungs work harder? This expands the capacity to supply oxygen to the brain and body. The result is better digestion, good mood lift, and efficiently functioning lungs and heart. 


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